Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More on Cal Thomas

Check out the Big Daddy Weave's blog about the Cal Thomas editorial at:
http://www.thebigdaddyweave.com/. It seems that brother Thomas has a consistency problem. He has criticized Barack Obama and even made a judgment on the legitimacy of his salvation based on comments he said about other religions as well as some other theological ideas he espouses. The point of Thomas' editorial is that since Obama doesn't believe "the right things" he isn't a true Christian.

The Big Daddy Weave has pointed out however, that while Thomas has doomed Obama to the pits of hell for his theology, he has nevertheless in the past praised President Bush for his Christian commitment even though President Bush has said some of the exact same things. In other words, President Bush is a real Christian and Barack Obama is a counterfeit Christian even though they have both been quoted as saying essentially the same thing. Wonder what the difference is then. Could it be that Bush is Republican and Obama is Democratic? And could it be that Thomas still has that lame notion that God is only identified with one political party, namely the Republicans? Or could it be something more cynical than that? Might Thomas' real purpose with the editorial be to try and manipulate Evangelical Christians once again into thinking that the Democratic candidate is not really Christian and therefore true Christians should only vote Republican? It has worked in the past 30 or so years. It remains to be seen if it will work this year.

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