Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This Doesn't Happen Much

Yesterday, something really interesting happened on the floor of the North Carolina House of Representatives. Rep. Joe Boylan, a former legislator from Moore County asked permission to speak. Moore has recently been the target of some pretty serious allegations. He was arrested on April 12 for drunken driving. He was also accused last year of making drunken advances toward Rep. Tricia Cotham, a Mecklenburg County Democrat.

Boylan lost his bid for re-election to the House this spring when he was defeated in the primary by another Republican challenger. That's what make his appearance on the floor of the House by his own request so interesting. What would he say?

Well, here's what he said. He admitted that he had a problem with alcohol. "My behavior over the past year has hurt a few of you, disappointed many of you and has reflected poorly on this House. For that I am truly and deeply sorry." He went on to say that "with the grace of God and support of his family and friends he would do everything he could to end the day without drinking." Finally, he ended his speech with the classic, "My name is Joe. I am an alcoholic, and I ask for your forgiveness and your prayers."

In a society today where people (and sometimes especially politicians) look for excuses for their bad behavior and rarely admit to any wrong-doing, it is particularly refreshing to see someone do the right thing and own up to their problems.

God bless you Rep. Boylan. You have my prayers. I hope with God's grace and the support of your family, you are able to overcome your problems.

For the fuller story see the account in today's Raleigh News and Observer (

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